Talk about the ultimate vanity purchase: buying your own domain name! However, it gives me an address that moves with me, and it's easy to remember! While you're here, take a look at some of the stuff I've made:

Fanfic Library
These are my stories based off of anime and manga: Japanese cartoons and comics. Most are set in the world of Ranma 1/2. They won't make much sense if you're not familiar with the series and characters.
Fanart Gallery
I also have some artwork based off of the genre, and drawn in the same style. There are characters from anime, fanfics, and some off my original creations.
Ranma Resources for Fanfic Writers
In writing my fanfics, I collected some information that other writers might find useful.
WWW Regional High
Teenagers from Outer Space is a silly roleplaying game, and these are my characters. It helps if you're familiar with the system, but you can look at the pictures and read the descriptions, even if you're not.
Here are the six issues of my fan "published" B&W comic made way back at the beginning of the 90's. It was inspired by the Tick, but also had influences from furry and Japanese comics. It's a light comedy with some science fiction thrown in.
Generate HTML writeups for your Hero System characters! This page is an experiment in what one can do with frames and Javascript (quite a bit). It's really just a curiosity for Javascript programmers, as the Creation Workshop now supports HTML output.
My site's hardly big enough to warrant a search page, but I figure I'd provide one, anyway.

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