Back when I was in high school and through my first year of college, I made a short print run of a comic called LagoMan. It was photocopied on 8.5" x 11" paper, folded in half, stapled, and numbered by hand. All the issues are scanned below, including two of the "poster" inserts from the later issues. Most of the images are 550 pixels wide by 850 pixels tall; none are wider or taller than 1100 pixels.

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LagoMan #1: Introduction
Page 1   181k
Pages 2-3 271k
Page 4 132k

This was the first appearance of LagoMan outside of a scrapbook or doodle in the margins of my homework. It was scribbled onto both sides of a sheet of computer paper with a plain ball-point pen.

Technical Notes:

  • Print run 10

LagoMan #2: A Dumb Joke
Page 1   94k
Page 2 132k
Page 3 176k
Page 4 187k

The joke is pretty cheesy, but if you folded out the comic, the first page was next to the last page, so you could get the punchline all over again. :)

Technical Notes:

  • Started using page separations instead of drawing on both sides of the same sheet
  • Print run 11

LagoMan #3: Breakfast
Page 1   121k
Page 2 119k
Page 3 115k
Pages 4-5 229k
Page 6 142k
Page 7 114k
Page 8 137k

This is the "classic" LagoMan story, and is probably what people who know LagoMan remember. The art in issues 5 and 6 are better, but feel that this is the best issue, technically.

There's a nice centerfold, art that "breaks out" of the frame borders, and I think I conveyed the dynamic movement of LM's leap pretty well. Plus, the explosion is pretty cool.

My mom likes the cobwebs over the fridge. ^_^;

Technical Notes:

  • First stapled issue
  • Started using a technical pen
  • Print run 70

LagoMan #4: Mysteries of Cats
Page 1   122k
Page 2 139k
Page 3 153k
Page 4 140k
Page 5 98k
Page 6 112k
Page 7 121k
Page 8 152k
Poster 399k

I suppose I'm what you'd call a "cat person". I like dogs, but I prefer the low maintennence of cats. Anyway, if you've ever petted a cat, you've probably seen the phemonon described here.

I'm not too happy about this issue. The art's not that good (I seemed to have something against rulers), and there are dumb little editorial comments in the margins. And what was I thinking with the name Katrina Fury? How clichéd! [sigh]

Anyway, this issue was never really circulated, which should make the remark in issue 6 clearer.

Technical Notes:

  • Print run 18
  • Started including posters (not scanned)

LagoMan #5: Lagoman in Space
Page 1   126k
Page 2 185k
Page 3 189k
Page 4 204k
Page 5 158k
Page 6 177k
Page 7 188k
Page 8 228k
Poster 289k

Artistically, I feel that this is the best issue. I really like the balance of light and dark (especially important in a B&W comic.. However, I spent so much time with the art that I glossed over the original joke I had planned.

The poster is a must for people who want to know how to pronounce "LagoMan".

Technical Notes:

  • Started using cardstock instead of computer paper
  • Started putting a numbering template on the covers (No. XX of YY )
  • Print run 26

LagoMan #6: Death of LagoMan
Page 1   145k
Page 2 138k
Page 3 169k
Page 4 185k
Page 5 172k
Page 6 159k
Page 7 158k
Page 8 172k
Page 9 165k
Page 10 194k
Page 11 121k
Page 12 127k

What a great title for the final issue of LagoMan, eh? Interesting enough, it was never my intent to stop making the LagoMan comics at this point; it just sort of happened.

My influences from Japanese comics are pretty obvious in this issue. LM is wearing a Dirty Pair T-shirt, speed lines decorate the pages, and the "Augh" sound effect styled after similar text effects in Lum.

Techincal Notes:

  • Print run 26


The drawings, text, and characters on this page, including LagoMan, Phette, and Katrina Fury [groan], are copyright © 1990-2000 by Douglas MacDougall. <>.